Data and Mail Services

Data and Mail Services - Signature Printing

Data Processing Services

Mailing efficiency and getting the most out of your print and mail investment is all about the data! Our Data Processing/Mailing specialists provide a broad range of services and capabilities, including:

  • Data processing
  • Postal verification and applicable postal discounts
  • List management and analysis
Whether you have a database list or are seeking to build or purchase one, our experienced professionals can assist by providing guidance and directions that can yield more cost effective solutions and better returns on your mailing.

Mailing Services

Having our mailing operation in the same facility as our print manufacturing in East Providence, Rhode Island provides for a quick, efficient and streamline workflow. List and mailing issues are addressed early and simultaneously along with print production planning thereby affording us the opportunity to be that much more prepared when the product arrives in the mailing department.

Smooth and efficient through-put is our motto and standard - and no task is too small or too complicated. From complex inserting, ink-jetting, wafer sealing, stamp affixing and mailing to fulfillment, kitting and hand assembly — all are features that we provide at a very high level of efficiency.