The Power of Direct-Mail Advertising

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Domtar, a global leader in paper manufacturing as well as personal care and pulp products, recently published a very insightful article about the "Power of Direct Mail Advertising".

Amongst the facts covered, Dotmar discussed the reasons why Direct Mail Advertising continues to be a central component of a well-rounded, impactful marketing strategy for a wide range of business types: retailers, service providers, professionals, education, financial, automotive, real estate and countless more. In fact, over 65% of the 119.9 billion (yes, billion) pieces of mail delivered to US households in 2015 were advertising in nature, according to the United States Post Office.

Those compelling reasons why Direct Mail Advertising continues to thrive include:

  • It can be original and surprising for the reader.
  • It's convenient - for both the advertiser and for the reader.
  • It is easily tracked for effectiveness and impact.
  • It can boost brand perception.
  • It is a sustainable resource.

At Signature Printers, we absolutely believe in the power - and lasting presence - of printed communication. When created and produced properly, printed advertising and communication can be a powerful component to building your brand and to driving response.

Read the full article on Dotmar's website here...then, contact us to get your direct mail campaign underway!


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