Top Things to Look for in a Printer

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In this article from Blueline Papers, Jeff Coe outlines the top things he looks for when evaluating commercial printers.

Amongst Jeff's tips: look at a printer's capabilities and availability right off the bat: you want to know your printer has the equipment and expertise to do your job, and has the bandwidth to take care of your project in the timeframe you need.

From there, Jeff recommends evaluating the service your print partner can provide. Throughout the print project, you want to be sure you have an excellent working relationship with your printer, so you have a free flow of communication and transparency from start to finish.

Next, Jeff recommends looking at a printer's location, their certifications, and finally their pricing

Each step in your evaluation process will help you gain confidence that the print partner you choose will deliver the best service and value.

At Signature, we are absolutely dedicated to making sure we exceed your expectations throughout the course of each and every project we work with you on.

Click here to read Jeff's full article on Blueline Papers


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